Re-elect Delegate Karrie Delaney

Virginians, if you live in the 67th district, you must re-elect Delegate Karrie Delaney because her challenger is a nutcase. He’s still a Trumper who uses fear tactics to get votes. He’s attacking Ms. Delaney a communist because he knows the Vietnamese community in Virginia hates the communists. In fact, he would label anyone communists if they disagreed with him.

I want to support a fellow Vietnamese-American candidate, but this guy is wrong for the job. He is stuck in the far-right bubble. If he isn’t Asian, he would join the Proud Boys. I had a few political exchanges with him and he quoted misleading and misinformation sources. We can’t have someone who can’t tell opinions from facts to represent us.

Furthermore, I doubt that he will be able to perform his public duty when he couldn’t even get his own life together. When he volunteered to teach our children Vietnamese, he failed to show up just for 45 minutes a week. Even just a small commitment he couldn’t keep. He isn’t going to commit to being a serious delegate. I wouldn’t vote for him if I were in his district. Please vote for Delegate Delaney.

There, I did my civic duty.