Bought My First New Snowboard

After months of searching and spending almost the entire day yesterday, I finally found the right snowboard at the right price. I hope I made the right decision.

Even though I already have 2 used boards, I wanted to treat myself to a new snowboard. I had my eyes on the 2022/2023 Arbor Coda Rocker for $300 (50% off original price). Before making the purchase, I did some research on rocker vs. camber. The rocker is designed for beginners so that they don’t catch the edge. Both of the used boards are cambers; therefore, my learning experience last season was miserable. I caught the edges constantly. I should have started with a rocker board, but then I already got over that learning curve.

My goal for the coming season is to learn carving; therefore, I want to continue with the camber profile. The lowest price for the 2022/2023 Arbor Coda Camber is $360, which is still pricey. Then I came across the 2023 Nidecker Thruster for $250. After reading some reviews, I purchased the board. An hour later, I canceled my purchase after reading the chart from Nidecker site, which recommends the 150-cm Thruster for riders between 121-143 pounds. I am pushing 166 pounds; therefore, I need at least 153cm. I have been having a hard time keeping my weight down.

As I digged around some more, I came across the 2022/2023 Head e-Pulse LYT for $322 (the original price was $660). This board is packed with advanced technology, including EMC (Energy Management Circuit). I could not find any review for this board, except for a Japanese rider. I couldn’t understand Japanese. The board is a hybrid camber; therefore, I was not sure.

After wasting so much time, I got frustrated and almost gave up. I just scroll endlessly on Google shopping and landed on the 2023 Salomon Super 8 for $265 (half off $530). The board is 154-cm long, which fits my weight, with decent reviews. The backseat camber sounds great for carving. After I made the purchase, Crossroads Skateshop pulled it off its website. I am looking forward to receiving the Super 8 and I can’t hardly wait to ride it in the winter.