Snowboarding and more

No Access to the Skatepark

I love taking the shuttle to work, but the major drawback is not having access to the skatepark. In fact, I have been sitting in my office for almost the entire day. I don’t even feel motivated to walk around the campus during my lunch break. I need to figure out something to keep me active.

I still go to the skatepark with my kids after work. My four-year-old Vương finally started to like his balanced bike. He can bike down smaller ramps. The smiles on his face looked so darn cute every time he made down the ramps.

As for me, I made a small improvement. I can jump into a quarter pipe without using the coping. Đán had done it for quite a while. Đạo did it a few months ago. It took me a while because the last time I jumped in, I fell backward and hit my head. I also lost a pair of glasses. I couldn’t remember where I placed it after I felt the impact on my head. Luckily I had a helmet on. I will always wear a helmet for these types of sports.

My backward skating is also getting better. Skating backward off the ramp feels great. I tried to reach higher a bit each time until my right foot hit the coping. I want to get over the middle spine of the two quarter ramps, but I haven’t been able to pull off. Đán did it when the park was first renovated. He’s brave and he also has the skills. He just lacks the motivation and the discipline. His mind is all about video games. It kills me.

Snowboarding and more