In Search of a New Board

I want to treat myself to a brand new snowboard for the next season. My budget is between $200 to $300. I have been doing a bit of research on rocker vs. camber. Apparently both of my used boards are cambers. No wonder I caught the edge so many times last season as a beginner snowboarder. From what I learned, rocker is a bit easier to learn for beginner. I didn’t know that. Since I had passed the edge-catching phrase, I want to continue with a camber.

After many months of looking, I finally came across a great deal: The 2023 Nidecker All-Mountain Thruster. It is on sale for $250. I bought the 150cm-long board instantly. Then I checked the Nidecker website and the chart recommends the 150cm board for riders between 121-143bls. Unfortunately, I am way over that range. I need a 156cm board.

I am not sure if 6 cm would make a different, but I better follow the recommendation. I tried to learn on a 143cm board, but it was not stable when I was riding down the blue terrain. My 156cm board was much more stable for me to ride.

I cancelled my order. Now I am back looking for a good deal on a snowboard. I might end up with a rocker or I’ll just use my 17-year-old board.