Scalia Law School Paid Judge Aileen Cannon

Adam Gabbatt reports for The Guardian:

With Cannon’s profile higher than ever, her impartiality is being questioned. The judge’s financial disclosure form for 2021, which was reviewed by Accountable.US, a liberal-leaning watchdog group that tracks government corruption, shows that she was reimbursed by George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School for a six day trip to “colloquium seminar” held at a resort and spa in Montana in September.…

The purpose of Cannon’s 2021 trip, according to her financial disclosure form, was to attend the “Sage Lodge Colloquium”, an annual conference held by the law school in the town of Pray, Montana. Newsweek reported that Cannon attended the colloquium again in 2022.

It is not clear why her hotel and travel was paid for. Organizations will commonly reimburse guest speakers or lecturers, but the agenda of that year’s seminar does not show Cannon doing any teaching or speaking.