Scalia Law Professor Engaged in Sexual Misconduct

Aebra Coe reports for Law360:

The women said those early advances led to years of misconduct, during which Dorsey and Landry felt they had no option but to continue engaging sexually with Wright or else risk serious damage to their careers. Both said they believe there are “many” more women who have been similarly approached by Wright, based on conversations with former schoolmates and colleagues, as well as a conversation between Landry and Wright himself.…

Despite a string of flirtatious comments, Dorsey said, she generally thought Wright was “harmless” at the time and felt reassured by the fact that he was married and had small children. When he asked her to join him on a trip to meet clients in California, she said, she agreed to attend.

They stayed at a nice hotel, and when they arrived she discovered there was only one room with one bed, Dorsey said. There weren’t any client meetings during the trip, she said, and instead they went wine tasting.…

According to Landry, she confronted Wright in 2020 about his alleged sexual misconduct after he sent her an email apologizing for his behavior. They met in person and he told her he’d sought sexual relationships with countless women in professional settings, she said.

“He told me he couldn’t even count the number of people he sent inappropriate messages to,” she said.