Getting By

Between the sexual allegations and all the luxury spendings, the place is corrupted. Abuses of powers and white privileges are on full display every single day. I no longer care. I just laugh at the incompetence.

Letting go has freed my mind. I am not worrying about the future. I am just taking it day by day. Whatever happens, I will be just fine. I will find another way to survive. From what I had witnessed in the last couple of months, my skills are still relevant. If I can’t apply them here, I will apply them somewhere else.

I am a lot happier now taking advantage of my benefits rather than stressing myself out. I should have done it years ago. Thanks to the incompetent for the hostile takeover. I am ready to put what I had built over the years behind. I am ready for whatever throws my way or not. I will stay out of the way.

In a white-dominated majority, I am just a voiceless minority. DEI is a joke. They don’t give a shit. I am done. I just need to do what I have to do to get by.