Buddhism: New Vietnamese Typographic Sample

The philosophy of Buddhism has always intrigued me. In this example, I put together “The Fourteen Teachings of the Buddha” and “The Ten Commandments of Mindfulness” in Vietnamese and English translations, by Tâm Lạc Trần Quý Anh. The text is set in Atlante, by Yorlmar Campos and Martín Sesto. Take a look at Buddhism, a new sample page.

Crafting sample pages has become my favorite design exercise. I get the opportunity to set the typefaces with Vietnamese diacritics—some of them I advised. I get to choose the projects I like to work on. I get to decide how much time I want to spend. I don’t need anyone’s approval. I try to provide both Vietnamese and English when possible. The samples have become my personal collection of Vietnamese culture and literature. I want to share them with the world, but they are there for me to refer back or to read. I want the materials to be meaningful instead of just dummy texts. I have two more samples I want to do. I just need the time. Stay tuned.