Back to Walking

I just returned my parking permit and gate-access card. I made the commitment to take the shuttle to work. The only thing I missed not having access to my car is going to the skatepark during my lunch break. I will make that up in the evening after work.

For my lunch break, I will be walking to the library or the bookstore. I haven’t set my foot in Barnes & Noble in years. I need to do some exercise to keep myself active. I started ice skating again, but my skills are rusty. I am relearning the techniques I had mapped out for myself. I am wondering if I should go back to retaking group lessons. Private lessons are too expensive for me.

I am still snowboarding in my basement. I can’t wait to get back on the snow again. I want to learn carving on both snowboarding and skiing. I found a few snowboard on sales for $250 or less, but I haven’t made a decision to purchase yet. I am still searching.

While rollerblading, I met a guy who taught skateboarding to young kids. His rate is only $25 an hour. It’s very reasonable. I asked my kids to take lessons, but they refused. They are sticking with skating and scootering. I am still in search for aggressive skates for Đạo and myself.