Blading on the Boardwalk

While vacationing at Wildwood with my family last week, I woke up at 6:00 AM every morning to rollerblade on the boardwalk before everyone else woke up. I skated with my three-wheel YF YouFu. They were a bit bumpy the first day, but I quickly got used to them. I skated about three miles each day. I loved the morning breeze as well as the time to myself. I would love for my kids to join me, but they didn’t want to wake up early. They also preferred biking on the boardwalk.

While spending time at the beach, I was dreaming of skiing and snowboarding. I missed the snow. I still snowboard in my basement each day to learn my stances and my edges. I came across a clip from Thrive Snowboards showing how to ride on the steep slopes. I can’t wait to try out the techniques. I received my Epic pass for next year already. Let’s hope for lots of snow in the coming winter.

The summer is not even over yet, and I already am looking forward to the winter. The grass is always greener on the other side.