Young Nudy: Gumbo

With a subscription to Amazon Music, I have been listening to new jazz and hip-hop albums and discovering artists I haven’t known before. For instance, I have been pumping Young Nudy’s Gumbo in my Sienna. The title of his songs filled with meats and vegetables including “Brussel Sprout,” “Portabella,” “Shrimp,” “Duck Meat,” and “M.R.E.,” which, my oldest son told me, stands for “Meals Ready to Eat.” I am not sure if Nudy’s lyrics have anything to do with food since all I can hear are “pussies” and “bitches.” He sounds high as fuck on all of the tracks, but the beats are just infectious. The melodic string plucked against the pounding bass line makes “McChicken,” produced by Coupe, chilling and hypnotizing at the same time. The hook and the rhymes are just too damn misogynistic and too trigger happy to quote on here. That’s what hip-hop is all about. You have to separate the art from the content. I enjoyed Gumbo even though I have not heard of Young Nudy before.