Back Pain

Last Friday, I tripped and tilted my left foot trying to start the lawnmower. I thought I sprained my ankle and couldn’t rollerblade for a while. The uncomfortness went away. I continued to rollerblade. Suddenly I couldn’t walk without limping yesterday evening. I didn’t feel pain—just uncomfortable. I went to bed and felt fine this morning.

I went to the skatepark at noon today and my back started to feel uncomfortable. Am I getting old? Is my body failing me? After work, I took the kids out to the skatepark and my back continued to feel uncomfortable. I jumped off a small ramp on my rollerblading and fell. I skinned my knee.

Then I remembered I was working in the garden on Sunday. I was lifting bags of small rocks bending over instead of sitting down. Dammit, I am not doing yard work anymore. Let’s hope it will go away in the next few days.