No Money No Love

I was sitting in our car next to my four-year-old son. He was napping. As I was dozing off, my phone rang. I picked it up to prevent my son from waking up. The voice on the other line introduced himself as someone from Alumni Relations.

He reached out to me to see how I am doing. I told him I am doing fine and prepared for him to ask me for donations. I couldn’t catch the first part he was telling me, but I could hear the second part, in which he asked me to contribute $100. I politely declined because I witness first hand how they spend money like throwing confetti.

When I said “no” to the $100 donation, he immediately hung up on me. Just a minute before, he sounded as if he genuinely cared about my being, but as soon as he couldn’t get my contribution he clearly didn’t give a fuck.