Goodbye Sidney Teitler

Uncle Sidney Teitler passed away today. Truth be told, I didn’t know much about him other than he was married to my mom’s youngest sister. They lived a very private life. Before he left this earth, he wanted to be cremated and he didn’t want to hold any funeral service. My aunt and uncle didn’t have any children together. They only had each other. Now that he had gone and left her all alone. Rest in eternal peace, Uncle Teitler.


Sidney Teitler passed away at age 92 on April 14, 2023, at home with his devoted wife, Anh Minh Ly, at his side. In his youth, Sidney studied Physics and graduated with a Ph.D. degree from Syracuse University in New York. Later, he joined Naval Research Lab in Washington, D.C., and worked in the Electronic Science and Technology Division (ESTD). He was promoted to the position of Associate Superintendent and worked in this position until his retirement in 1993. Serving in the capacity of an Associate Superintendent, he was instrumental in mentoring and guiding research scientists within the ESTD. He was particularly gifted in spotting and encouraging talented people to reach their potential.

Although his passion was in mathematics and theoretical physics, Sidney had a wide range of other interests including music, arts, religion, and history. He was amazingly knowledgeable in those subject matters. In his later years, he discovered his love for using computers and the Internet. He spent many hours reading new information and watching videos, researching in-depth on topics of his interests, and collecting and sharing many good articles from the Web. This hobby was the secret to keeping his mind sharp even at an advanced age. Though his health deteriorated in later years, he was able not only to maintain his physical strength by eating well but also to sustain his positive spirit through reading and learning from the Internet. Despite his chronic pain, he always tried to be pleasant. Whenever an opportunity arose, he was always eager to share his vast knowledge and experience with family members. There was so much to learn from Sidney, especially the wisdom in life flowing out from his sharp mind.

Sidney was generous, kind, wise, and caring to all who were close to him. Even though he is no longer around, he is reverently and affectionately remembered by his family. He is survived by his dear wife.

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