Fifth Day at Mount Snow

I headed over the mountains around 7:50 am before the lifts open at 8:00 am. I went to Long John trying to learn carving on snowboard. I didn’t do too well. I tried on the blue run, but I ended up doing short turns and knee steerings. I hit the blue trails twice before the rest of the family came over.

I switched to ski to take Long John with Vương. He let me use the harness. He skied well with the strings. I only held him close to me on steeper slopes. We made it down to the main base and my legs were burning. I had to take a break.

After lunch I went over to the discovery area to teach my wife and her brother skiing. I was able to get them to ski off the lift on their own. They still need to learn their turns, but they are getting there.

We wrapped up around 3:30 pm. I switched back to snowboarding and took on the blue slopes. I was able to take the last lift at 3:50 pm. I took Long John home and I was the only one on the entire mountain. It was nice to be able to snowboard back to the condo.

I am completely exhausted, but I loved every moment of it. What more can I say? I love skiing and snowboarding.