My Xuânshine & Me

The weather has been so beautiful. I have made visiting the skatepark part of my lunch routine at work. I skate around the ramps and drop into the bowls, but I haven’t done anything new. I don’t have the motivation to learn new skills any more.

My six-year-old Xuân, on the other hand, has been improving his scootering chops. He jumps down the ramps instead of just dropping in. He rides around the bowls with effortlessness. He pumps and lifts himself onto the coping and drops into another ramp.

Watching him trying and pulling off new techniques makes me happy. Because of his improvements, he still enjoys going to the skatepark and hanging out with this old man. I don’t have to force him to go out with me . Here are a few clips of him scootering: part 1 & part 2.