The End of Skiing Season

Yesterday was the last day of the season at Roundtop. With rain and warm temperatures, Roundtop held on as long as it could. The trails were brown and slushy, but they were still skiable. I was snowboarding fine. I was disappointed with Mother Nature more than the resorts.

It doesn’t seem like we will get any snow this year. On top of that, the temperatures had risen as high as 70 degrees (Fahrenheit). The artificial snow was melting fast. Despite the terrible conditions, I managed to make the most out of my Epic pass this year. I hit the trails as many times as I could. I set out to learn snowboarding and I achieved my goal.

Learning to snowboard was a steep challenge for skiers who wanted to make the transition. I fell so many times and my feet were so uncomfortable, but I stuck with it. I progressed from the bunny slope to the double black diamond terrain in one season.

In retrospect, I tried to advance too quickly. I didn’t spend enough time on the green trails to get better with my turns. I started to learn quick turns so I could go down the double black. I pivoted my back foot to control my speed and it became a habit I needed to break on my heel side. Even on mellow terrains, I kept kicking my foot forward to slow myself down before I could make my toe turns. I had done as much as I could and I had progressed to where I wanted to be, but I wish I could spend more time on the trials to learn to ride better.

My focus for this season has been on snowboarding. I skied less and didn’t pick up any new skills. I still wanted to learn carving on skis, but couldn’t get to it. I encouraged Đạo and Xuân to learn carving as well, but I was not on my skis to work with them. As a result, they skied with the skills they already have and not picking up any new techniques. I am fine with them enjoying themselves, but they seemed to get a bit bored. Once they could reach the double black diamond slope, they had nowhere else to go. If they don’t learn new skills, they just ski down hill again and again.

I encouraged Xuân to learn snowboarding together with me, but he stayed with skiing so he could go fast with his brothers and cousins. He ended up not getting past the point where he stopped falling. Snowboarding is no longer a passion for Đán. He is already bored with it. He is good and no longer feeling the challenge. He didn’t bother learning anything new.

Will this be the last seasonal Epic pass for us? If the boys are no longer interested in skiing or snowboarding, I don’t want to waste almost $3,000 for all of us. It is only worthwhile if they wanted to go on their own instead of his mother forcing him to go. Skiing and snowboarding are great exercises for the winter and they are so lucky that we are offering the opportunity for them.

One of the benefits of skiing and snowboarding was that we didn’t catch any winter sickness. Our body got used to the cold before we could get a cold. If we were sitting around the house all day on our digital devices, I am sure we would have caught all kinds of winter sickness. Furthermore, I hadn’t had a gout attack despite my increase in drinking alcohol and consuming beef. I think because I put my feet to work all the time.

I wanted to hit the slopes every opportunity I got. My wife was not too happy with my obsession. Since we paid so much for the Epic passes, I might as well take advantage of them. I hope we can make one more trip to Vermont in the first week of April when the kids have their spring break. We also need to decide as a family if we should get Epic passes for next year. I hope we do, but we should make it our priority over other hobbies during the winter.