Rollerblading has Stagnated

It’s such a beautiful day. I hit the skatepark on my lunch break. Although I rollerblade everyday, my progress has stagnated. I have not picked up any skills. I only use the skills I already have so I won’t lose them. I no longer wanted to take the risks to advance to the next level even though I have all the protective gears. I am getting old.

I haven’t set my foot into an ice skating rink in a while. I lost all of my jumping skills. I might head back to it someday. After the kids moved on, I no longer had the reason or the motivation to keep going. Xuân is my only son who is still passionate about scootering; therefore, we still hit the skateparks together. Once he no longer wanted to go, that would be it for me. It wouldn’t feel right going to the skatepark by myself and leaving the kids with my wife even though they would be playing on their digital devices anyway.

As a parent, I have lost my battle against digital addiction. Not even bubble teas, BonChon chicken, nor sushi could get them out of the house. The only thing that might work is through forcing. It’s no longer fun if they come out with angry faces. On one hand, some parents who are too busy trying to make ends meet don’t have the time to spend with their kids. On the other hand, my kids would rather spend time on their devices than with me. It’s super sad.