New Bindings

Yesterday was Whitetail’s last day for the season. Blame it on Mother Nature. She has been warm the entire winter. We hadn’t had a snowstorm. If the weather stays this way Liberty and Roundtop will be shutting down soon as well.

I took Đạo and Xuân to Liberty yesterday to test out my new Rome United bindings, which I found a good deal on Amazon for $100. The price has gone back up to $160. Since I bought the Capita board that came with the step-in Flow bindings, I just went with it. I liked the convenience of the step-in style, but the way they strapped the top of my feet made me excruciatingly uncomfortable when I turned, particularly on my toe side.

The cause for the pain was not just the old bindings but also the way I turned. I tended to initiate my turns way too late. I pivoted my back foot too much to control my speed on my toe side. As a result, I slowed myself down and burned my legs. I need to fix this habit.

The Rome United bindings only strapped my toes and ankles; therefore, they were more tolerable. I still felt a bit of a pain when I pivoted, but it was not as bad as before. I am keeping the Rome United bindings. I hope I still have a chance to continue to hone my skills before the season’s over.