Ski and Snowboard Weekend

On Saturday, I took Đán and Xuân to Whitetail. I wanted to learn the hop turns on the blue slopes, but they were harder than they look. I could do the toe turns, but I had a bit of a hard time getting the board around on the heel turns. Because of the rain and warm weather, Whitetail closed its double-black diamond. I encouraged Xuân to switch to snowboard. With Đán’s help, the three of us snowboarded down the long green trail. It was a fun day hanging out with my two boys. We left around 1:00 pm so we could attend the Scout party.

Because Đạo had scouting on Saturday, he didn’t go with us. Today he and I went together to Liberty. I started off skiing because I didn’t want him to wait too long for me on snowboard. We hit the double-black slope three times. It felt a bit strange at first to be skiing again. I wanted to ski moguls, but that terrain was closed. The rain and warm weather had washed away all the moguls. After lunch I switched to snowboarding. I also switched my 156-cm Capita to 143-cm Burton. The shorter board made turns easier, but it was less stable. I caught the edge a few times. Still the major issue for me was uncomfortability. I did two runs on the blues and couldn’t snowboard anymore. We headed home at 1:00 pm.

I think the Flow’s step-in bindings were the culprit. I ordered a Rome Snowboards United-G1, which was on sale for $103, to see if this will solve the issue. I am also so attempting to buy the Rossignol Circuit, which is currently on sale for $156.95. I’ll wait for the bindings first before I invest into a board.

After two days of skiing and snowboarding, I am exhausted. Getting old is catching up to me. Snowboarding alone is putting a toll on my body.

Bonjour Vietnam