Survived the Double Black Diamond

I’ve always loved skiing down the double black diamond terrains. With short turns, I could control my speed and maneuver around the moguls. I want to get to that level with snowboarding as well.

I went to Liberty all by myself this morning. With the warm weather, the condition was a bit icy. Nevertheless, I went for the double black diamond. The first run, I fell at the top as soon as I tried to turn. I slid head first all the way down. I couldn’t stop myself. Luckily I didn’t steer off the terrain. The second time, I fell at the top, but managed to get up for the second half. The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth time, I continued to fall. I have yet to master quick turns on snowboarding. I couldn’t get the board to turn around quick enough.

By the seventh time, I decided to ride as wide as I could and find good spots to make my turns. Instead of trying to do quick turns, I let the board go straight down for half a second before I commit my turns. The speed increased, but I managed to bring my board around.

I survived the double black diamond. It was a great learning experience. I am no longer in fear of snowboarding down the steep slope. I still have to practice more to master my quick turns. Once I could snowboard down the double black without falling, I will have accomplished my goal for this winter.