Survived the Blue Terrain

On Saturday, our whole family headed back to Liberty. The kids skied with their cousins. I skied with Vương for one run on the bunny slope and several blue and black terrains with Xuân and my nephews. I also taught my wife some basic skiing skills. We arrived around noon and left around 4pm. I didn’t get a chance to snowboard.

Today, we went to Roundtop. I skied with Vương for two runs on the green terrains then switched to snowboard. I did two runs on the green and headed up the blue. I was a bit nervous, but I made my way down with a few falls. This video from SnowboardProCamp helped boosted my confidence. I need to learn quick turns to get around the moguls. At least I made a bit of a progress on snowboarding.

After four weeks off, I will be returning to work tomorrow. I definitely need some adjustments for the reentry.