Enjoying the New Wakefield Skatepark

Xuân and I spent two and a half hours at Wakefield skatepark on a Sunday evening. The weather was cold, but we both sweated out. He scooted alone before joining the scooter squad around his age. I dropped in and pumped out of the bowl when no one was around and rode up and down the quarter pipe when it was available.

I learned from Xuân to just enjoy myself. I focused on my own comfort level rather than trying to push myself. I am getting too old to take risks. I don’t have to prove to myself or anyone else. I am content with not dropping in from the deep part of the bowl, but riding to the top as far as I could and turning around. I am taking one step at a time. I improve slowly, which is fine with me. I blade for fun and fitness, not for competition and recognition.

As the winter is approaching, I am getting ready to pack up my rollerblades and to pick up my skis and snowboard. I have been practicing snowboarding at home in my basement. I am getting used to my Capita Indoor Survival 156 snowboard with Flow Flite 5 (M) bindings (size large). I am glad I paid $20 for them.

I hope my pre-season training efforts will prepare me for snowboarding. If I won’t be able to learn snowboarding this season, I will focus all of my efforts on skiing. I can hardly wait to hit the slopes.

Check out a video of Đán blading at Wakefield and various clips of bikers, rollerbladers, scooters, and skateboarders I have filmed.