Fuck Facebook

I have been spending more time watching Facebook videos than reading. Its algorithm has worked on me by feeding videos of folks in Việt Nam eating wild shit. They literally ate shit from cow and goat intestines (pịa).

As for my own posting, I pumped out clips of my kids skating at the skatepark almost on the daily basis. The same five or six people liked my videos and about five or six people posted on the daily basis. The rest of the posts on my timeline were ads. I am not sure if Facebook is still a good place to spend my time on. My reason for hanging was to stay connected with family members and use Market place to sell things. Although I had sold everything I had listed, I found it to be a hassle.

After leaving Twitter and LinkedIn, Facebook seems like the logical next step to completely remove myself from social media. I removed the app from my phone. That will prevent me from checking in and uploading photos and videos. I just keep the account for a while before deactivate it. I don’t think I will miss anything. I still have this blog to write down my thoughts.