Skating at the Newly Renovated Wakefield Skatepark

In recent months, Xuân has asked me to take him to the skatepark everyday. Of course, I comply. Đạo and Đán aren’t too happy about it. They would only join us if they get boba tea afterward. The main reason I want them to go to the skatepark is to do some outdoor activities instead of sitting around with their digital devices. The skatepark is a great place for that.

The newly renovated Wakefield skatepark (cost $1.5 millions of taxpayer money) is always crowded. Nevertheless, Xuân just rides around and enjoys himself. He focuses on his own development and progresses at his own pace. He is not intimidated by anyone else. Observing him riding his scooter in his orange jacket is like watching Nemo swimming in the sea of skaters. The orange jacket helps prevent other people from crashing into him. In addition to scooting alone, he makes friends with other scooters. They are all around the same age. It’s a nice bond at the skatepark.

Even as someone who is socially awkward, I have made a few rollerblading friends. Unlike Xuân, I get intimidated by other advanced skaters. Luckily, there aren’t too many rollerbladers around. I only see them once in a while. Of course, I try to focus on my own skills, but I often get distracted by other bladers. I am taking the clue from Xuân to just enjoy myself.

Out of our crew, Đán advances the fastest. His balance and his fearlessness allow him to pick up new techniques with ease. His lack of focus, however, holds him back. He would rather sit at home, work on his PC, and play video games. It is getting to the point where that’s where he focuses his attention on. I already warned him that I will have no problem confiscating his desktop if that’s all he spends his time on.

Đạo would rather spend time on his laptop too, but he knows that he needs to get out of the house to avoid getting banned from screen time. He is a careful rollerblader. He takes his time to hone his skills. He makes steady progress. He has surpassed me in rollerblading, but he is now trying out skateboarding. Of course, trying out something new is always encouraged. I can’t wait to see where he goes with it.