Fuck ’Em

Fuck politics. Nothing will change. It doesn’t matter if you’re left or right. Senate seats have been bought and sold. White men had decided the fate of this country for hundreds of years. The orange sore loser announced his candidacy again. Fuck him.

Fuck social media. I have no plans to join another social network. If Twitter goes down, I will be out. I didn’t even realize that I have almost 600 Twitter followers and I don’t even tweet much. I tweeted mostly about Vietnamese typography. I should stop using Facebook. I still share rollerblading videos and photos of my kids even though my mother has gone. I still haven’t pulled the plug because I still want to keep in touch with relatives. As for LinkedIn, I tried posting work-related articles, but they hadn’t shown any benefits. I just leave it alone.

My focus is on this blog. It is still a space for me to write whatever I want. I still am responsible for what I say, but I don’t give a fuck. I pissed off so many people already and I don’t even know who read this site anymore. I don’t have any particular audience in mind. I just post whatever I feel like sharing. The adrenaline rush I get from just writing is so damn satisfying.

I am just trying to have some fun and to get my mind of other things in life. My work isn’t like what it used to be. I just want to get paid to feed my family. I don’t want to think about it too much. Push comes to shove, I’ll just deal with it when the time comes. I miss my old boss. I miss the trust and the independence. I had a good run. I can’t complain.