More Preseason Snowboard Training

I have acquired a used snowboard and a pair of boots for Xuân. We are working on some skills together based on SnowboardProCamp “20 Pre-Season Snowboarding Tricks:”

  1. Heel edge (learn to brake)
  2. Toe edge (learn to brake)
  3. Moving weights from side to side (learn to turn)
  4. Presses (side to side)
  5. Ollies & nollies (press then jump)
  6. Alternate presses (hopping back & forth like a walking penguin)
  7. Shifty (90 degree jumps)
  8. Jumps (straight jump up & down)
  9. Jump 180 (both regular & switch)
  10. Butter 180 (ollies & nollies combine with 180 jump)
  11. Nose & tail presses (jump on the roller with ollies & nollies)
  12. 50/50 (jump on the roller from front & back)
  13. Front board & front lip slides (jump on the roller & turn 90 degree then rest the head or tail of the board on the roller. Do these front & back)
  14. Front & back 180 (hop on the roller from the back then turn 180 to hop off)
  15. Tripod