I have not contracted Covid yet. Does that make me a super-dodger? No, I have been more like super lucky. Our family members, including my mother-in-law, have been shielded from Covid. I believe my mother who died of Covid is protecting us from Covid. I was by her side when she fought and lost her battle with Covid and I didn’t get it from her.

A couple of weeks ago, we came real close to catching it. When my six-year-old son tested positive, I thought we were all doomed. I slept right next to him the night before; therefore, I was positive that I had been infected. I went to the skatepark to rollerblade before my symptoms showing up. I rollerbladed hard and sweat like I was taking a shower. I stepped up the highest ramp and pray to my mother. I asked her to protect us and she did. Later on that evening, we tested our six-year-old again and he was negative, twice.

None of our family member showed any symptoms and we all tested negative despite being exposed so closed to people with Covid. We are definitely not super-dodgers. We are super lucky because we (my kids and I) have put down our guards, but we haven’t caught it. It has to be the invisible power from my mother that protects us. Still, I am keeping my mask on and keeping social distances. I am going to get the boosters and all. Covid is here to stay and we’ll catch it eventually.