It’s You

You and I have now entered a new phase. I thank you for continuing our life-long journey together. The road isn’t rougher. I just created more obstacles. I apologize that I had made you upset. Anything I say would only add fuel to the fire. We’re at the point where deep conversations only hurt each other. I appreciate your honesty. Even if we’re no longer meant to be, we still have to fulfill our responsibility.

I wish I could erase all of my mistakes. I wish we could go back to the beginning. I wish I hadn’t ruined so many relationships. While it is too late to turn things around, we can move forward. I no longer deserve you. I have come to accept your coldness. I realize your emotion is no longer present. You do things because you have to, not because you want to. You’re still there for me even though your heart is no longer feeling for me.

Take all the time and space you need to heal. Even if it takes years, I am still here until you no longer want me around. When you asked why I am still here, the reason is obvious. Because I still love you. I understand love no longer has any meaning to you, but I wouldn’t be here if I were no longer in love with you. I love our kids and they will always be part of my life no matter what happens. Nothing can change that, not even you. I would never leave them because neither they nor I have that choice. I will always be their father and they will always be my children. I am still here with you because I chose to. I made my choice based on my love for you, but my choice isn’t within my control.

I used to think that we did it for the kids. Staying in a relationship because of our children is no longer an excuse. We have to make things work for them no matter what. It would probably be more challenging if we were apart, but they will be fine. Our kids are resilient and they will adapt to any environment. My decision is no longer because of the kids. I am still here because of you.