Covid is Still Not Over

Last Sunday my colleague whose office is next door to mine tested positive for Covid. I took a test on Wednesday and the result came back negative. My niece who flew back from Taiwan tested positive yesterday. My cousins and nephews tested positive after taking a vacation. My wife’s sister and her family tested positive a month ago and we had always been in close contact with them.

Our little family and my mother-in-law who is living with us haven’t caught the virus yet. How have we dodged it thus far? I could only think of three reasons. One, we have been extremely lucky. Two, I believe my mother has been protecting us from afar. Three, masking works.

With the way Covid continues to spread, it seems inevitable that the virus will eventually catch up to us. I hope our luck won’t run out. I pray that my mother continues to watch over us. We continue to mask up. It is not over yet, please don’t let down your guard.

Bonjour Vietnam