Correction on the Lexend Creator

After tweeting about my latest work for Everlasting Eye Care, I received the following praise and correction from Dr. Bonnie Shaver-Troup, EdD, Creator of Lexend:

Hi Donny, I loved the story of your “forever” friendship with Dr. Nguyen… nothing better than forever friends! I am thrilled to see you are using Lexend for your website. However, I am the creator of Lexend fonts and would ask if you would please correct your tweet. I am honored that you made the important decision to focus on both legibility and readability for Everlasting Eye Care. It would seem important, but many still do not know the importance of the fonts that we present. Kudos on both your design choices and content for the website! Lovely!

PS I love the wordmark that you created—it is beautiful. #beautifulartwork

I apologize for the wrong credit in my tweet, but the case study on my website is always correct. I assumed that Thomas Jockin was the co-creator of Lexend with Dr. Bonnie Shaver-Troup. It turned out that Dr. Bonnie Shaver-Troup had created Lexend in 2001 and Thomas only digitized her fonts for Google Fonts. It is important to get it right; therefore, I decided to delete the incorrect tweet and created a new one.