My figure-skating progression has come to a halt. I am stuck on the loop jump and the flip jump. Taking off and landing on the same foot have been a challenge. I can’t maintain the balance to check out. I am thinking of hitting the reset button to spend more time relearning all the basic skills to build a stronger foundation.

Last night I went back to Fairfax Ice Arena to see how my old colleagues were doing. I spoke to two of them and they struggled with the loop and flip jumps as well. The other two colleagues had dropped out of Freestyle 4. There were only four students left. The struggle is real and I am not alone. They encouraged me to keep going. I am going to keep trying for a few more weeks to see where I go.

As for rollerblading, my pumps have improved a bit. I’ll just keep pumping more. The drops are now solid. I am still working on my power stop and T stop. I want to get these techniques down first before moving on.

Đạo and Đán are rejoining me at the skateparks. Xuân is also picking up his scooter again. It is nice to hang out with my boys. We just enjoyed the rides. We don’t need to push ourselves into doing things beyond our comfort level. Of course, we get to have boba tea afterwards. Skating life is good.