Aleve: Gout Relief

I had a mild case of gout flare last week. Luckily, I dodged the attack. Let’s back up a bit to see how I got here.

Since my last gout attack, which was over a year ago, I went back to my normal dietary with the exception of consuming beef. I also drank moderately like a bottle of beer or a glass of wine a day. In the past few months, I have been hooked on Twelve5’s Rebel hard coffee, which is coffee with a bit of alcohol. I replaced my morning coffee with my afternoon hard coffee.

Last week, while on vacation, I increased to two cans of hard coffee and a beer or two a day. Last Wednesday, we went to a Thai restaurant for lunch and I ordered a sunrise, which had tequila. In the evening I grilled burgers my wife prepared, but I wisely declined to have one even though I really wanted one. I just asked my wife to let me two bites of hers. Nevertheless, I felt a bit of a pain on the joint of my right foot at night. I knew it was coming. I checked my backpack and the only medication I had was a bottle of expired ibuprofen. I took one pill immediate and it seemed to ease the pain.

Thursday morning, I took another pill and went rollerblading with the kids. I still felt fine to skate. I stopped drinking alcohol. My wife advised me to get a bottle of Aleve. I drove to the the nearby drugstore and grabbed a small bottle. I took two Aleve pills in the afternoon and the pain in my joint subsided. I took another one before heading to bed and ended up with a bit of a stomach upset during the night. On Friday, I took another one in the morning and another one in early evening. The pain was gone. I stopped the pills.

I haven’t had a drink since then. I am so glad that I didn’t have to be out of commission for three or four days, which would cause me to miss ice skating or rollerblading. I am not so sure if apple cider vinegar would work. My internist said it has not been proven. I am just going to stick with Aleve when I get an attack. Aleve could harm my organ system; therefore, I would only take it when I needed to.