Skiing on Midweek

Yesterday I took off work to drive to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to see my uncle for the last time. Since the viewing didn’t take place until 6 pm, I had plenty of time to myself. After dropping Đạo off at school at 8 am, I headed straight to Roundtop first. It was a warm day, but the terrains were well groomed. Since it was a Wednesday, there was hardly anyone. I shared the lifts with two men separately, one was semi-retiring and one was fully retired. The latter told me that he skied two hours a day and three days a week. Obviously he only skied on the weekdays to avoid the crowd. He made me want to retire myself.

I did six runs down the Gunbarrel, which was the double black diamond that kept falling on Sunday. Because it was well groomed, I did not fall at all. Then I did three runs over the moguls. I navigated my way around the high and steep ones, but I made it down without my skis popping off. As much as I enjoyed my quiet moment alone, I missed my kids. I wish they were there with me. Needless to say, I love skiing. As people are looking forward to warmer weather, I want cold weather and snow to continue for as long as possible.

At noon I took a lunch break and headed back to the slopes. Before 2 pm, I went into the cafeteria to attend a work meeting. I was going to skip it, but I decided to join since it was my boss’s last meeting. She’s retiring as well. After the meeting ended, I headed to Landisville to drop off a bag of durian coffee for an old friend from high school. I hadn’t met in a long time. I met her at her barbershop. We chatted a bit in between her appointments. It seemed like she was doing well.

After visiting my friend, I went to my sister’s house to drop off my stuff and headed over to the funeral home to see my uncle. He looked beautiful and rested. I met many family members and helped set up the tables with fruits and flowers for tomorrow’s service. After the viewing, I took my sisters, nephew, and his wife to hibachi grill. It was nice catching up with my little family again.

Bonjour Vietnam