As Đạo and I headed out the door this morning, he asked if he could take a banana to school for snack. Of course he could if the bananas have been ripened. He told me, “Dad, did you know that bananas release their hormones, but they don’t know when to stop.” Still in my clouded mood, I mused with him, “Are you saying they are always horny?” He looked at me with a puzzle on his face. He didn’t know what “horny” meant. I thought he would have learned that in school by now. My bad!

While we’re on the sex education subject, Đán came home one day and told me that he learned about his private parts in school. He explained to me how a penis can get hard and big. He even used the term erection. He also said that he knew about the girl private parts as well, but he didn’t want to talk about them. I challenged him to tell me something that he knew. He explained to me that every month a girl would bleed when she’s on her period. I asked him, “Where does she bleed?” He said with confidence, “From her nipples.” I almost fell off my chair. I said to him, “Son, you need to get some information straight. Go talk to your mom.”