The Salchow Jump

I worked on my ice skating’s salchow jump for weeks, but I couldn’t get it down. My balance was off and I couldn’t land to check out. I got frustrated and put it on hold to focus on skiing.

Today I went back, after taking a week off the rink, to work on the salchow jump again. I fell twice; therefore, I tried hopping instead of jumping. I focused on my hands-and-feet coordinations and made sure my technicality was correct. Then it started to click. I was able to land and check out without tipping over or falling.

Now that I got the basic concept down, I need to practice to do the actual jump. I am not quite there yet, but I am making progress. I can’t wait to do some more.

Learning on my own seems to be much slower than with an instructor, but I am not in any rush. I just need to do it at my own pace.