Double Black Diamond Slopes

Since the kids had no school yesterday, we headed back to Liberty Mountain Resort. Because it was Monday, the lift lines weren’t too crowded. We arrived around 10:30 am and split up. Đạo and Đán went on their own. They hit the blue and black slopes. My wife worked on her turns at the bunny slope. I took Xuân and Vương on the green slopes. Vương enjoyed riding the lift he referred to as the magic seat. With the harness, I helped control his speed and his turns.

After we had lunch, I took Xuân and Vương on the bigger, longer green slope. Xuân went straight down the slope. Vương did the same thing, but I had to slow him down because he didn’t know how to brake yet. We did it for three runs before he got tired and wanted his mommy. I was surprised that he lasted for almost four hours.

As Xuân and Vương went to the warming room to rest with my wife, I hit the black slopes with Đạo and Đán. They took me to the double black diamond slopes. When I looked down, the steepness of the slopes appeared intimidating. There was no way I could make my way down without flipping. Then Đạo and Đán went down with ease. They gave me the confidence to give it a shot. I combined short turns, hockey stops, and a bit of carvings to navigate my way down. To my surprise, I did not fall at all on both double black diamond slopes.

I tried out the blue mogul terrain. I had a bit of trouble getting around the big moguls a bit. I need more practice on how to ski on top of the moguls.

I loved skiing with these two kids. Đán is fearless and Đạo is cautious. I am in between them.