Super Packed at Whitetail

Took our little family to Whitetail today. I was expecting the resort to be packed, but I didn’t expect it to be super packed. The lines to the lifts were long. I could only manage to get Vương on the magic carpet once. He was tired and sleepy so I had to hand him over to my wife.

Đạo, Đán, Xuân and I went on a blue slope. Xuân was a bit intimidated and a ski patrol taught him side-slipping down the steep hills. As I was waiting for him to go down, I saw two snowboarders crashing into each other. One of them had to be transported down on a stretcher.

I took Xuân to the green slope, but the lift line took 40 minutes. He zoomed down the slope and went in with his mom. I joined Đạo on the blue slopes. We did two runs. They were fantastic. We’re planning on going back on Monday since the kids will still be off from school. The lines won’t be too crowded then.