In Respond to Masking Controversy

A parent as our kids’ Scout uses Youngkin’s executive order ending mask mandates in public schools to attract attention. I am not posting his email because I don’t have permission. I am just going to post my responses. Here’s my first reply:

According to the state law, FCPS must adhere to the CDC guidelines; therefore, universal masking is still in place—at least until August 1, 2022.

From what I had observed, the kids didn’t seem to mind wearing masks at Scout meetings. The Cubs seemed to enjoy the activities the leaders had created.

Masking is not a political issue. Masking is a safety issue. We all have family members who had been infected with Covid or had died of Covid. I am sure some of us had been infected ourselves. If you think masking is a communist tactic then you must not have lived under the communist regime. You need to check your privilege.

In his reply, the president of our pack wrote:

If you and your kids follow the rule to wear mask then you and your kids are more than welcome to join us at our scouting events. If you refuse to do so then this lien doan will not be the right place for you.

Knowing his calm personality, it must be very difficult for him to write those words, but I support and respect his firmness and leadership. He puts our Liên Đoàn’s safety first. Since we started Scouting again, we hadn’t had a single case of Covid in our Liên Đoàn. Masking must have worked; therefore, I strongly encourage everyone to continue to make it a safe environment for all of us.

Sincerely yours,

Donny Truong

Here’s my follow-up respond:

As I said, Covid touched all of us one way or another. The members of this Liên Đoàn weren’t Covid-proof, but we did our part to keep this community safe. If we got sick, we stayed home. If we gathered indoors, we masked up. The members didn’t have to report their case and I didn’t need to know about their private health information. All I knew was that there was zero case in which Liên Đoàn had to cancel an in-person meeting due to Covid. There was zero case in which we spread the virus to each other during meetings. This is one of the reasons I have chosen to stay with this Liên Đoàn and dropped other activities where masks were recommended and not required.

As anyone who had fled Vietnam, which is all of us here, knew a thing or two about the communist. Accusing Liên Đoàn of using the communist tactics is low blow. We understand the difference between common sense and communism. Don’t let your hatred cloud your judgment.

I am not here to discuss your political agenda. I frankly don’t care. I am deeply concerned about the health and the safety of our Liên Đoàn, particularly our kids. Call it “fear-mongering” all you want, but I feel safe that the leaders have reaffirmed the mask mandate is still in place. When this policy changes, however, I would appreciate it if Liên Đoàn would let us know ahead of time before any future meeting.

Thanks for your time.


Donny Truong