Second Round at Roundtop

We went back to Groundtop for the second time on Saturday. When we arrived around noon, the resort was already crowded. People broke out their grill to make hamburgers, hot dogs, and burritos right in the parking lot. They must be local skiers.

The lines for the lifts were long; therefore, I took Vương to the magic carpet. He skied for three rounds and didn’t want to do it anymore. I went with the older boys on the blue terrain. After Đạo and Đán took off, I paralleled down the first deep slope and waited for Xuân. He came down for a bit, but hesitated to continue. Luckily, I spotted two ski patrols rescuing someone else and asked for help. One of them called other patrols and two more came to guide Xuân down to me. After that we skied together all the way down.

Later on I went to the black trail with Đán. He only started snowboarding not too long ago and he could already get around the black slope. With more snow, the black slopes were more difficult than before. There were more hills and holes. The first time I navigated my way down, I fell into a deep hole. The second time, I avoided it and made my way down. It was so much fun. I wanted to do more, but the kids were tired, especially Vương.

We canceled today’s trip because of freezing rain. The kids also needed to get some rest to return to school tomorrow after three weeks off. I also needed to get back to work after three and a half weeks off. It had been a joyful winter break thanks to the snow.