Back to Whitetail Mountain

We went to Whitetail Mountain yesterday for the first time in two years. The temperature was in the 50s and rainy. The only two trails that opened were barely covered in snow. Nevertheless, we made the best out of them.

I signed up for a group snowboarding lesson for Đán, but he had one-on-one coaching because there were more instructors than students. Since it was such a great deal, I handed the instructor some extra cash.

Đạo hung out with his cousin. Xuân and I stayed together. Since the slopes weren’t so great, I decided to focus on my short turns. I followed the step-by-step exercise from this video. I made some progress and couldn’t wait to try it on a blue terrain next time.

Before my wife bought Epic passes for Đạo, Đán, Xuân, and me, I told her that I would put our money to good use. So far the investment is already worthwhile.