Durian Coffee

I love coffee and I love durian; therefore, I couldn’t resist the temptation when I spotted Ipoh Charcoal Roasted Durian Coffee at 99 Ranch Market yesterday. I had a cup in the morning and it became an instant favorite of mine. The durian fragrance was just wonderful, but I wished the coffee was a bit stronger and darker. In the afternoon, I went for another cup after lunch. The second time I added a bit of instant coffee and it tasted delicious. I was going to link it to Amazon, but the price is three times more than what I paid for at 99 Ranch.

Speaking of Amazon, thanks to those who had ordered products linked from the homepage of this blog. I use the big text to promote my work, but I don’t have any project at the moment. So I wanted to try it out Amazon Associates. I only earned a few dollars, but it isn’t intrusive. I am not tracking you and I am not using any third-party scripts. I just link the text directly to Amazon. Thank you for your support.

Bonjour Vietnam