No One Cares

With this blog, I have carved out a space for me to write about things that no one cares about except for me. Case in point, I do not know who reads this blog. For almost two decades of daily writing, I am failing to sell ads. With 7.62k unique visitors a month, I received financial support from three generous readers. I am not complaining at all. I understand my writing is not good and my topics aren’t interesting to anyone else other than me. I have a passion for writing and I only write for myself. If I make money off my words and I write for others, my love for writing would die like my love for design.

When I first started designing, I designed for myself and I loved it. As soon as I became a professional designer and made money off design, I killed my own passion. I no longer design for myself, but for the people who paid me. Many times, I did what they wanted to get the work done and over with instead of what can contribute to the project. Each time that happened, my love and passion died a little. Now design is no longer personal unless I work on my own projects. At my workplace, I no longer fight for design. I just delivered what they wanted.

I don’t want that to happen to writing. I have worked so hard to free myself. I went from being ashamed of my writing to just writing my life away. The emancipation of writing whatever the fuck I want is priceless. My blog is an open book of my life. It is an ongoing memoir as well as documentations of my memory. For example, I had referred back to the maintenance category countless times to remind myself what I had fixed and how much I had spent.

I don’t know if my grammar and my prose have improved over the years, but I can tell that writing has become much easier for me. What I can’t articulate in speech or conversation, I can do with ease in written communication. When I started writing music reviews, I was not interested in the techniques behind the music. I wanted to communicate what I heard and how I felt. I approached music from an outsider perspective; therefore, I was not caught up in the technical details. That’s the job of the musicians. I was free to write without having to be afraid I would upset anyone. These days, my interests have shifted to other activities such as ice skating and rollerblading. I don’t know what the next few years of my boring life will bring, but you are more than welcome to follow along my journey.