Mark Argetsinger: A Grammar of Typography

In my work office, I have an empty desk right next to the huge glad windows. It was set up for a formal colleague until he worked remotely and moved on to a different job. I requested to have the desk removed, but no one bothered to take it out. As a result, I just turn it into my reading table. Whenever I needed a break from my computer desk, I would sit, read, and catch some sunlight. The latest book I am reading is Mark Argetsinger’s A Grammar of Typography. Because the book is so humongous (almost 9 inches by 12 inches and 500 pages), I do not want to lug it around. I also don’t want to damage it either. I read a few pages each day and take my time to enjoy the writing and illustrations. Argetsinger delves into the history as well as every technical aspect of book design. Even though I don’t design books, I find the materials inspiring, especially the examples included throughout the book. It definitely deserves a spot on every designer’s desk as it is already on mine.