Jump + Dance Sequence

Learning ice skating is like building LEGO. Each step is a LEGO brick that is designed to let you create a work of art. While practicing yesterday, I combined the jump and dance steps into a long sequence. I am sure the professional skaters already knew, but it was a revelation to me. Here are the steps I did:

  1. Begin with a backward crossover with your left foot over right.
  2. Repeat another crossover with your left foot over right.
  3. Transfer your weight to your right foot and glide with your left foot.
  4. Do a waltz jump with your right foot.
  5. Tap your left toe pick and do a tap-toe jump with your right foot.
  6. Continue with a 3-turn on your left foot.
  7. Tap your right toe pick then finish with a one-half flip jump.
  8. Instead of checking out, continue on with your left glide.
  9. Glide right.
  10. Glide left.
  11. Glide right one more time.
  12. Do a left mohawk then stand on your right foot as you skate backward.
  13. Cross your left behind your right foot and transfer your weight to your left foot.
  14. Place your right foot back to the parallel position and transfer the weight back to your right foot.
  15. Cross your left foot in front of your right foot.
  16. Check out with your right foot.

I like jumping more than spinning. I supposed to learn how to do a one-foot spin, but I kept tripped up the left-edge entrance. As a result, I just focused on the jump and dance sequence.