My RSS reader hardly has any notification. Most of the blogs I subscribed to aren’t updating anymore. Is blogging dead? On the other hand, I have been blogging consistently almost everyday, sometimes even two or three times a day. Writing 300 to 500 words about whatever is on my mind has become effortless to me. I could make a post out of something so mundane or so emotional. My posts have become more and more personal. I bare my mind and soul on the page.

I don’t write about politics anymore. I am not afraid of voicing my position. I am just fed up with alternative facts. People have their own facts. While I think they got their information from fake sources, they think I got brainwashed by the mainstream media. Whatever.

I write about music sparingly because I don’t listen to music much anymore. I could no longer get my hands on new music in Vietnam. Most Vietnamese music is being covered to death. New singers burst onto the scene everyday, but not too many new songwriters. They kept relying on the old repertoire.

I write about what I have observed around me. I write about the people who are close to me or who make an impact in my life, positively, negatively, or controversially. I want to take on a new challenge. I want to write about my internalization. There’s a voice in my head that speaks to me often. No, I do not have schizophrenia or mental issues. I am sure we all have that voice where you say things in your head that you can’t say out loud. Most often, my conscious voice drowns out that unfiltered voice. I wonder if I can bring out that voice without upsetting or targeting anyone. I am not even sure what I am getting at.