Victoria Rushton, a talented type designer who I had the pleasure to work with on Vietnamese diacritics, has just released a typeface named Kadabra. She writes:

I inherited this typeface. My love, Dai Foldes, killed himself in April, and suddenly everything that was his became mine.

The release note is heartbreaking and beautiful. She goes on:

I don’t think this is his “legacy.” Everyone who knew either of us knows how much we loved each other, and that’s what matters. These are just vectors. He loved me more than anything, and this is just a font. He’s gone, but it’s here, I’m here, it’s mine now and I have to take it and try to keep going. Wish me luck.

This is the first type release note that puts me to tears. The scripted face is just stunning. I bought a license to use as drop caps in the near future.