Stopped Private Lessons

After careful consideration, I decided to pull the plug on Đạo’s and Xuân’s ice skating private lessons. It was a hard decision to make because I deeply wanted them to excel in ice skating. Unfortunately, that’s not what they wanted. They don’t want to compete. They just want to skate for fun. They still wanted to take private lessons, but they didn’t want to practice. With just a half-an-hour session each week, they won’t get anywhere if they don’t practice. After six weeks of private lessons, they couldn’t move beyond basic crossovers.

Over the weekend, I asked the kids to go to the rink to practice and all of them said no. Because they had a cousin sleeping over, they rather spent time playing video games than skating. I could have made them go to the rink, but it would be pointless if their hearts weren’t into it. I feel bad if I force them to go and I feel even worse if I go alone. I could spend three or four hours a day on ice practicing because I love ice skating. I offered them the same opportunity, but they didn’t want to take it. If they could just spend three or hours a week practicing, they could have a chance to go further. Unfortunately, they resisted every single time I asked them to go. These practicing sessions aren’t free either. I am not going to waste our money if they don’t put their efforts into it.

With private lessons and ice time fees, I paid almost $100 an hour. That’s not cheap. I can’t afford that type of money to skate for fun. If they just want to have fun, they can take group lessons. Group lessons are much more affordable and they also come with practice sessions. Maybe we can go back to taking group lessons again just for fun like the good old times before I went over my head thinking they could go further. What I wanted isn’t what my kids wanted. I wish I was given the opportunity when I was a kid like they have now, but I probably would have taken it for granted like they do now. Then again, ice skating is more enjoyable if they don’t have to worry about competing or take it too seriously.