Last Vacation Day

Our summer vacation has swiftly come to an end. I enjoyed rollerblading on the street, jumping the waves with the kids on the beach, swimming in the pool, eating tons of food and ice cream, drinking a few bottles of beer, and spending some quiet moments with my lovely lady late at night. I was having a great time until an account manager at HostPapa contacted me to let me know that my website was hitting with CPU and I/O faults. He recommended that I upgrade my plan to Business Pro.

I stressed myself out over such a minute issue. I should have just made the upgrade to get it done and over with, but I worried much more than money. What if I lose my digital presence? I put years of work into this blog and now my work is depending on this hosting company.

After reading my previous post, a reader wrote to me recommending DigitalOcean, a cloud-based hosting solution. I spent some time playing around with it. I deployed its one-click LAMP stack, but there is so much work to do after the server is up and running. I need to spend more time with it.

To fix the immediate issue, I did some optimizations on my end. The CPU and I/O are not spiking up anymore. I can’t help but wonder what if I lose my entire blog one day. Will I be OK without it? It has been part of my life for such a long time. Will I be able to move on? All these thoughts put me under stress, but my lady had made me feel better. I am very grateful for her. I think I will be OK as long as I still have my family.