Vacationing at Myrtle Beach

Yesterday a big wave knocked my glasses out of me. It took a split second and my whole world has become blurrier. We’re vacationing in South Carolina and I didn’t bring a spare pair of glasses with me. I took my vision aid for granted. I depended too much on my glasses. Now I am trying to navigate my world without it.

For the most part, I am doing fine. I woke up early in the morning, made myself a cup of iced coffee, and went rollerblading on the street. I almost ran into a truck for being careless. After a mile of skating, I went back to the vacation house, ate breakfast, and took the kids to the beach. The water was warm and the weather was beautiful. The kids loved jumping and surfing the big waves. We then headed back to the rental property and jumped into a small swimming pool. The kids enjoyed the pool just as much as the beach.

Everyone gathered back into the vacation house for lunch. After a full meal, everyone rested or took a nap. I took my kids to the skate park, which was half an hour from the rental property. Driving was a bit of a challenge without my glasses, but I just needed to be more cautious. The skate park had low ramps; therefore, it was nice to skate without too much risk. Once we were back to the rental property, the kids wanted to swim in the pool until dinnertime. We ate together. The adults chatted while the kids watched TV. All three of our families agreed on no iPads or digital devices for the kids. It worked out well. They played together more rather than each kid on his own device.

This is our last summer vacation. Next week the kids will go back to school and I’ll go back to the office for the first time since the pandemic. The challenging time is still not over. I am still concerned about the surge of the Delta variant.